Dan Herron to Join VisionQuest Labs in Indianapolis, Indiana

Dan Herron to Join VisionQuest Labs in Indianapolis

I am very excited to be a part of VQLabs and share my passion for sports and wellness with others.

VisionQuest Labs (VQLabs), a sports performance lab and cycling training center operator, recently announced that Dan Herron will be leading Business Development, Marketing, and Coaching at its Indianapolis location.

Since 2001, Dan Herron has competed in numerous sprint triathlons, criterium bike races, distance cycling events, and is now doing Ironman distance triathlons, with decades of teaching and counseling experience, he is uniquely qualified to help further VisionQuest Labs’ ambitious growth plans.

Dan Herron’s responsibilities include: (i) building relationships with individual athletes, fitness studios, and companies looking to incorporate VQLabs testing into their wellness packages; (ii) writing regular content to keep our community connected and informed; (iii) planning and coaching VQLabs cycling camps; (iv) indoor structured rides coaching; (v) serving as a testing technician with VQLabs’ various assessments; (vi) consulting VQLabs clients on next steps in applying the data from assessments into their customized workout plans; and, (vii) collecting data and creating protocols for swim and run economy based on VO2Max data.

Dan Herron is also planning to pursue certifications in order to provide professional coaching in triathlon and the individual disciplines of swimming, cycling, and running.

Dan Herron has been a competitive cyclist and triathlete for many years.

“We are very excited to have Dan join our team,” said Jeremy Wilson, Lab Director at VisionQuest Labs. “Dan brings his academic training and over twenty years of expertise in adult education to VQLabs and we look forward to working together. Whether you’re returning to health and fitness, a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, we’ve teamed up with the best technologies in sports science to bring you a suite of services that will take you to the next level, including tests to help. you better understand your body composition (Dexa Scan) to sweat tests (Precision Hydration) to state-of-the-art metabolic analysis (INSCYD). ”

VisionQuest Labs is a truly unique facility that combines health and performance testing and indoor cycling classes to help aspiring individuals unlock their true potential. VQLabs metabolic tests, fitness and athletic consulting, and cycling studio can help everyone improve their fitness and performance – from beginner to elite athlete.

For cyclists, triathletes and general fitness enthusiasts, VQLabs offers fun and engaging indoor cycling classes as well as outdoor rides during the summer.

“I am very excited to be a part of VQLabs and share my passion for sports and wellness with others,” explains Dan Herron. “Feel free to come on by anytime to see the facility, talk to us about the services or join your first cycling class for free. We can’t wait to show you how great VQLabs can be! ”

VisionQuest Labs recently launched an exclusive New Member Offer with a 20% discount off any service to anyone who’s joining VQLabs for the first time. Apply promo code “LETSGO” at checkout.

About VisionQuest Labs

VisionQuest Labs is dedicated to providing the most trusted performance testing services and the best indoor cycling experience in the world.

Our testing services include: DEXA Scan, Resting Metabolic Rate tests, VO2 Max, Sodium and Sweat tests, and INSCYD Metabolic Testing. Our indoor cycling center uses the PowerWatts training platform.

For more information visit: https://vqlabs.com/

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