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The right footwear is essential for a workout. These starter shoes have been recommended by professionals around Columbia for adults over 50 when they are running, hiking or trail walking.


For a basic running shoe, Savannah Singletary, an employee at Hibbett Sports, recommends Nike 270s. The Air Max 270 height offers the biggest heel volume displacement for maximum air cushion comfort, she said.

The shoe is also good for walking since it was designed with the same rigor as sport performance, but also for the demands of all-day wear.

For an intermediate running shoe, the Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra Running Shoes is a popular pick.

“These shoes are very lightweight and comfortable, perfect for a person transitioning from trails to runs,” Singletary said.

These shoes come with a continental rubber outsole that holds up well against wet, hard surfaces, so its ideal for rainy days on a trail, she said.

It is also a good transition shoe that can go from road to trail. The shoes are also a recommended for short-distance runners with a need for speed.

Michael Tolliver, a manager at Tradehome Shoes, recommends the brand Hoka. For a more advanced runner, the Hoka Challenger could be a good fit.

The shoe was designed to conquer a variety of terrain, Tolliver said, from a trail to the road. The hybrid running / walking shoe provides protection from trail debris and slippery surfaces.


For a beginner hiking shoe, Tolliver recommends the footwear brand Oboz. Oboz Footwear was started in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, and the brand focuses on stability and durability.

The best shoe for beginner hiking would be the Oboz Sawtooth II low hiking shoes. Their thick shoes are a fit for those looking for the support of a hiking boot without the extra height.

For an intermediate hiker, Tolliver and Nancy Yagger of Fleet Sports both recommend the Another Lone Peak Mids.

The shoes offer the brand’s balanced cushioning platform that positions the heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground, they said. This encourages low-impact landing and increases stability and support.

The shoe is also a good choice for an advanced hiker since it features rugged, grippy outsoles that do well on rocky terrain while providing over-the-ankle support.

For an advanced hiker, Tolliver recommends the brand Saloman.

“This brand has been on the rise, and their shoes are very stable,” he said.

The Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX is a comfortable shoe, made with deliberate lines on the outsoles to increase flexibility and help decrease foot fatigue, which makes it a sensible pick for long, extensive hikes.

The shoes are also waterproof and include mud guards and integrated rubber toe caps for protection from roots and rocks.

Before finding the best shoe that works for you, it is best to get your feet looked at by a professional first, the experts said.

“I would highly suggest that you get fitted to know what shoe works best for you, as everyone has different feet shapes,” Yagger said.


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