The Pros and Cons of Betting on Cycling

With cycling rising in popularity as a sport and leisure activity all over the world, more people are betting regularly on cycling races and events. While big cycling events like the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia have raised the profile of cycling and put it in the spotlight, there are several other smaller road and off road racing events that can be profitable and fun to bet on too.

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From slot machines to race betting

While cycling enthusiasts are already enjoying the fun bicycle themed slot machines and games available at online casinos, actually placing a bet on a cycling event needs a little more research. First of all, you need to weigh up a few factors like the types of races and betting possibilities available, before diving in.

What type of races can you bet on?

The biggest events in the cycling calendar are The Grand Tours which last 3 weeks and get great media coverage:

  • The Tour de France. This race consists of 21 different stages.
  • The Giro d’Italia. A race around a variety of terrains in Italy.
  • The Tour of Spain. This 21 stage race in Spain has a two day break halfway through.

One-day road races that take place from one point to another on a smaller scale but still attract top international road racers are known as The Classics.

Other types of road races are:

  • Sprint races. Individual or team events.
  • Time trials. Specific timed distances,
  • Track races. There are major track world championships and cups worth keeping in mind.
  • Endurance races.
  • Cyclocross races. On cross country and usually grassy terrain.
  • Mountain bike races. Usually off-road on cross country tracks and over distance but often featuring gripping descents for downhill races and dirt jumping.
  • BMX races. These take place on specific tracks and are fun to watch.

Cycling is a colorful event to watch with competitors dressed in snazzy lycra kits and bright helmets.The races are wonderful spectator activities particularly if the course consists of laps and cyclists can be easily spotted flying round the course. Following the cyclist you have betted on adds to the excitement of the race,

So how do I bet?

  • The most common betting strategy for cycling races is to pick an outright individual winner.This is the simplest form.
  • Stage winner. This is when a long race is broken down into stages and you bet on who will be the first to arrive at each stage.
  • Team winner. When you bet on a winning team. Each team member will accrue points over the course of the race.
  • Race Leader. This is ideal during a long race over a few days when you can bet on who will lead at different stages.
  • Top youth rider. Some events have a young rider category for best performer under the age of 25.
  • Sprint winner. Stages of some races have sprint sections where racers can compete.
  • King or Queen of the mountain. This is for the best climber on the hilly sections.
  • In-play betting is a good advantage as you can place more bets on your cyclist if he or she is doing well or opt for another cyclist.

So what are the advantages of betting on cycling?

It’s a great sport to watch and it’s easy to find streamed events online

  • The odds for big events can be high
  • It’s easy for bettors to research races and cyclists online

And the disadvantages?

  • There are still not as many events available as there are for other sports
  • The races have different variables
  • Race outcomes can be weather or mechanical dependent which makes it unpredictable
  • There are fewer athletes to bet on
  • The limit is low

Tips for betting on cycling races

  • Research the racers thoroughly. Read about past wins, strengths and weaknesses and current physical shape of the cyclist you are considering.
  • Specialize in one type of cycling racing. Familiarize yourself with the course – the climbs, the terrain etc.
  • Check the weather forecast.
  • Choose a big event to start.
  • Bet on a few favorites in a big race.
  • Look for the best odds.

It’s an entertaining sport and the big races will keep you hooked for a few weeks. It’s unpredictable too, so have fun and keep your betting options open.

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