Best Sports Bras For Running, Gym & Yoga 2022

It’s January and team GLAMOR are looking to get back into the swing of things exercise-wise, which means treating ourselves to a whole new workout wardrobe – sports bras included.

Don’t be fooled: while we absolutely won’t be throwing ourselves in at the deep end with a scheduled workout every day of the week, we are aware of all the reasons why we should be wearing a bra – even when we’re sat watching Netflix. A sports bra beneath your ensemble of choice, be that gym clothes or loungewear, reigns supreme as the most comfortable option.

In all seriousness, alongside their role in building a stylish WFH uniform, a good sports bra is one of the most important garments in your fitness collection if you’re planning on doing any exercise. While you may not need a sports bra of amazing quality if you’re just planning to do some stretches, you will need a high impact sports bra if you’re hoping to run or engage in a HIIT class.

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In fact, a study by the University of Portsmouth found that breasts, if left unsupported, can move up to 14 whole centimeters when you’re working out. That’s a pretty significant amount. What’s more, if this is repeated time and time again, you could cause irreversible damage to the Cooper’s ligaments that help hold your boobs in place. And no one wants to sag.

So, in the name of perky breasts, investing in one of the best sports bras is paramount. But with almost every retailer offering a different style and design, knowing which will work for you can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve done the leg work. We’ve tried and tested the best sports bras for small breasts, sports bras for yoga, sports bras for large breasts and everything in between. There’s something in this edit for everyone, whatever your boob size, chosen form of fitness and budget.

How to choose a sports bra

Before you start adding to cart, there are a few things to consider. Firstly: sizing. Use your chosen sports bra brand’s size chart to figure out what will be the most comfortable for you. Sports bra sizing can often be different to your regular bra sizing, so don’t be put off if you need a smaller size than usual. It’s important that a sports bra fit’s a little bit tighter to keep everything in place as you jump up and down, jog or even go for a brisk walk. That said, you shouldn’t feel restricted when you put it on (or need several friends to help you take it off).

Next up – you need to consider whether you want a compression bra or an encapsulation bra. Compression bras are best for women with smaller boobs, because they look more like crop tops and hug your body tightly. This Stamina Sports Bra from Sweaty Betty is a good example. Encapsulation bras look a bit more like your bog-standard T-shirt bra, because they support each breast separately. They’re often padded with a normal bra fastening to the back – something like this Runderwear sports bra. In other words, if you’re blessed with bigger boobs, an encapsulation bra is the way to go.

Lastly, find a bra that’s it moisture-wicking so you’re not soaked in sweat while you train. Your sports bra needs to absorb moisture from your skin and dry quickly – particularly important in winter so that you don’t stay damp and catch a chill. As we’ve done the hard work for you (literally), we’ve made sure all of the below picks are moisture-wicking but if you want to test the claims, place a drop of water on the fabric and make sure it spreads out sharpish (and doesn’t bead up).

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Which brand is best for sports bras?

There are a few brands we favor time and time again in the quest for the best sports bras. Lululemon and Sweaty Betty offer great options, particularly for smaller chests, soft fabrics and medium impact exercise. Elsewhere, there’s Nike. Nike’s Flyknit Sports Bra is the most popular among GLAMOR readers for good reason: years of research went into its creation – a good explainer for the £ 72.95 price tag. It’s compressive for minimum bounce and boasts molded cups and a nearly seamless design for comfort.

What is best sports bra for large breasts?

For the best sports bra for large breasts, it’s a toss-up between two offerings. Firstly, there’s Goodmove’s Extra High Impact Serious Sports Bra which goes up to cup size G, has chunky straps, molded cups and triple fastening for an ultra-secure fit. The Easy-On Runderwear sports bra is also great. It goes up to a size H, has molded cups to offer great support and wide padded shoulder straps to make it really comfy (while distributing the weight of your breasts evenly while you’re running so you don’t get neck, shoulder and back pain).

What is the best high impact sports bra?

The best sports bra for high-impact support is Marks and Spencer’s Extra High Impact Serious Sports Bra which is suitable for BG cups. It was developed in collaboration with scientists and cleverly reduces bounce by 25%, making it perfect for high-impact workouts. It features for coverage and thicker straps for your biggest moves such as running and jumping, and moisture wicking Cool Comfort ™ technology to draw moisture away from the skin to keep you feeling fresh.

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