The 19 Best Yoga Pants According to Vogue Editors

There are several factors to keep in mind when searching for the best yoga pants or workout leggings. According to a number of Vogue editors, the most important consideration is that the leggings should be versatile: comfortable enough for at-home workouts but sleek enough for a run through the park. But whatever your go-to activity — hot yoga at the studio, a spin class in your living room — finding the perfect combination of athletic and leisure is key.

We have asked our colleagues to share their favorite styles and rounded up their most beloved yoga pants — several options promise supreme softness and a favorable fit. Some are said to be so flattering, in fact, that they’ll even do a bit of sculpting for you — no squats required. There are plenty of essential all-black pairs to choose from, like Spanx’s ultra-tight pair and a sleek-and-smooth style from Alo Yoga. Looking for something with a bit more flair? Consider a style with, you guessed it, flared bottoms — just one of the yoga pants trends our editors are loving most right now.

These are the must-have styles even Vogue editors don’t want to take off. Shop 19 of the best yoga pants, below.

Steff Yotka, Fashion News Editor

These high-waist, ankle-length leggings in simple black are taking me from the couch to the yoga mat on my kitchen floor to my daily dog ​​walks.

Girlfriend Collective high-waist leggings

Alexandra Michler, Director, Fashion Development

I have been wearing these for any and all activity. Walks outside, Zoom calls, Tracy Anderson workouts, cooking, lounging, reading. These are my uniform.

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Tory Sport mix chevron side-pocket leggings

Willow Lindley, Accessories Director

I love Spanx leggings because they make me feel fit before the workout even begins!

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, and Tights

Spanx Look At Me Now seamless leggings

Chioma Nnadi, Editor,

As much as I love doing yoga, I have never been a fan of leggings, which is perhaps why I’ve never paid much attention to my workout wardrobe. It honestly took a pandemic to get me out of the basic (now threadbare and faded) black yoga pants I’ve been wearing for years. Prism2’s leggings are ultimately the upgrade I’ve been looking for for ages. They’re flattering in a way that’s different from any pair I’ve worn before, something I think comes down to the jersey-to-stretch ratio: They hold you in without being uncomfortable. Cut high on the waist, the silhouette pairs nicely with a sports bra too, so no need for my saggy old workout T-shirt.

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Prism2 Awaken high rise ribbed jersey leggings

Ella Riley-Adams, Senior Beauty and Living Editor

I’ve been wearing the same Outdoor Voices leggings for years now, and they have stood me in good stead for all activewear occasions: yoga, hiking, running, doing bicep curls in my bedroom. The material is the right thickness; the fit is flattering; and I love how colorful they are.

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Outdoor Voices Warmup leggings

Alexandra Gurvitch, Manager, Creative Development

Fabletics’s classic black leggings offer the perfect amount of compression and stretch, so you can comfortably work from home and work out at home.

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Fabletics high-waist PowerHold leggings

Madeline Fass, Market Editor

I can’t get enough of Beyond Yoga’s leggings. They are the softest yoga pants I have ever worn, and they give the perfect amount of slimming compression. The high waistband is the perfect combination with the brand’s bra tank tops, which I also recommend. If you take a look inside my workout clothes cabinet, you will find a handful of Beyond’s sets in a variety of dark colors!

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Beyond Yoga midi high-waisted leggings

Rachel Besser, Market Editor

I love this high-rise pair of leggings from Tory Sport because there’s also a corresponding sports bra (and sweater!). When I roll out my yoga mat, somehow being in a head-to-toe workout look gets me ready to focus on the workout at hand instead of thinking about all the emails I could be attending to.

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Tory Sport high-rise tie-dyed seamless leggings

Julie Tong, Senior Commerce Editor

I’m no yogi, but since I’ve been working from home, it’s safe to say I’ve finally been able to put my favorite yoga pants to their intended use. Not only are they smooth to the touch and comfortable, but they make the perfect #WFHOutfit because all you need to do is add a pretty blouse on top and you’ll be ready for your next Zoom call.

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Hello Airlift high-waist leggings

Emily Farra, Senior Fashion News Writer

My sister gave me a pair of Lululemon’s super-high-rise flares after they went viral last year, and they really do live up to the hype! I’m five feet four, so I was worried they’d be too long, but they’re actually the perfect length, especially if you wear sneakers with a thicker sole. Shorter girls might need to hem them, or if you’re lazy like me, just grab a pair of extra-sharp scissors and cut them yourself.

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Lululemon Groove super-high-rise flared pants

Liana Satenstein, Senior Fashion Writer

I love these pants so much. They suck in your body like tight, vacuum-packed sausages.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, and Tights

Mai Morsch, Associate Market Editor

I feel like I have been searching for these Athleta leggings my whole life! They are extremely soft and hit at that perfect point just above the ankle.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, and Tights

Athlete Salutation stash-pocket tights

Daisy Shaw-Ellis, Jewelry Director

A high-rise crop is my favorite legging cut (and denim cut by happenstance). These are great for my early-morning runs and yoga. And they don’t look schlubby when I wear them directly after a workout to the playground with my toddler before the workday starts.

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Lululemon Wunder training high-rise cropped leggings in black

Rickie De Sole, Executive Fashion Director,

At five feet three, I like cropped leggings, as they are ankle length on my legs and I avoid needing to have them hemmed! These Alo leggings are a great multipurpose workout pant — just as good for yoga as they are for a high-intensity boxing class.

Alo Yoga high waist airbrush capris

Alexis Bennett, Commerce Writer

I’m a huge fan of Le Ore’s sleek designs. They are perfect for days when I want to practice yoga or just look cute while lounging around the house.

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Le Ore Corso cutout recycled stretch leggings

Lilah Ramzi, Features and Commerce Editor

I’m not really one for working out, but Port De Bras’s ballet-inspired gear inspires me to give it a go. Its leggings are all-purpose — for yoga, running, and, yes, ballet — and don’t make me feel as though I’ll let them down with my gym-less approach to exercise.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, and Pants

Port De Bras arrow leggings

Charlotte Diamond, Associate Fashion Editor

I’ve had a recent obsession with flared yoga pants (perhaps due to the Y2K resurgence), and these Norba leggings wonderfully toe the line between Y2K and modern day. They’re as soft as butter and have a wonderful high-rise waist, and the flare can easily turn into a more streamlined leg with the handy-dandy zipper. Highly recommend!

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, and Tights

Chloe Malle, Contributing Editor

At six months pregnant, I’m leaning into the legging phase of my journey and these seamless, ribbed hatch ones are the perfect pair for everything from errands to prenatal yoga.

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Hatch the Body ribbed leggings

Arden Fanning Andrews, Contributor

I tried these Splits59 Raquel flared leggings after New York City Ballet’s Corps de Ballet dancer India Bradley recommended them, and I get it. I dared to order a size smaller than usual, and they somehow stretch and compress in all the right ways without showing every single crevice of my body like other tights, which usually require an XXL modesty tee.

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Splits59 Raquel flared leggings


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