World cycling champion regains consciousness after four-month coma following crash

Three-time Madison world champion Amy Pieters was placed in a coma following a huge crash while training in Spain back in December

Dutch duo Amy Pieters and Kirsten Wild won gold at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in October 2021

Cycling world champion Amy Pieters has reportedly regained consciousness after she was placed into an induced coma following a training crash back in December.

Pieters, the three-time Madison world champion, suffered a horrific crash as she trained in Spain during the festive period. The 30-year-old was immediately placed into a coma after doctors performed emergency surgery.

The accident occurred on December 23 2021 and the Dutchwoman was rushed to hospital as doctors aimed to relieve pressure on her brain. Pieters was then transported to a hospital in her native Netherlands in January, where she has remained in the care of specialists.

On Thursday, doctors said her condition had slightly improved but they were still unsure about the long-term impact of the injury on her brain. Her team, SD Worx, announced Pieters had regained consciousness.

“She can communicate slightly non-verbally,” SD Worx said in a statement. “Amy recognizes people, understands what is being said and is able to carry out more and more assignments.

“Doctors can’t yet say what residual symptoms and remaining abilities Amy will have as a result of the brain injury.”

Pieters won the Madison at the World Championships in 2019, 2020 and 2021 alongside Kirsten Wild. After winning three straight world titles, she missed out on an Olympic medal at the Tokyo Games as she finished fourth.

Amy Pieters was training with SD Worx in Spain when she suffered her horrific crash


Dario Belingheri / Getty Images)

Following the horrific crash, Pieters was airlifted to hospital in Alicante where she was placed in the medically-induced coma. Soon after the champion was transferred to the Netherlands, SD Worx confirmed she was breathing independently, the sedation had been phased out, and her situation was stable but unchanged.

At the end of January, SD Worx announced Pieters had been transferred from the Intensive Care Unit to an inpatient unit to continue her treatment and recovery in the care of neurosurgeon and neuro-trauma specialist Professor Wilco Peul.

“Since mid-February, Amy Pieters has been following a specialized intensive neuro-rehabilitation program at one of the member institutions of the EENnacoma network,” SD Worx wrote in an earlier update. “This institution is working towards a suitable continuation of the rehabilitation process.

“The family appreciates the enormous sympathy shown, but also asks everyone to respect the privacy of those involved.”

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