Cleveland’s Kevin Love finding yoga helpful on and off the court

Kevin Love spends much of the year on the hardwood, but for chunks of his off-season it’s a floor where sneakers are not allowed. Basketballs are replaced with foam blocks, and instead of shouting coaches, Love focuses on the soothing voice of yoga instructor Kent Katich.

“Yoga has given me a newfound balance, strength and endurance,” the 6’10 “, 240-pound Cavaliers forward says.” And my body has leaned out because of it. “

The use of yoga in the NBA isn’t cutting edge (Walt Frazier took it up in the ’70s), but Katich, who works with dozens of pros, from former NBAer Reggie Miller to soccer star Jermaine Jones, hopes to make the ancient mainstream practice in sports by targeting the needs of individual athletes to improve performance and prevent injuries. For Love, that means flexibility and stretching; for former NFL running back Eddie George, it means a workout that emphasizes strength and explosiveness.


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