Common injuries and how to avoid them

Pickleball is exploding, and there are players of all ages and fitness levels who can’t wait to get on the courts every day. Unfortunately, this particular addiction, much like running, comes with overuse and chronic injury issues. How can you, as a player (or parent, coach or partner) help prevent pickleball injuries?

Dr. Andrew Kassinove, medical director of the emergency department at JFK Memorial Hospital in India and the chief of staff at JFK, has seen his share of pickleball injuries.

“It probably started about five years ago,” he says. “All of a sudden, it went from I never heard of (the game) to every single person is playing it. And people are coming in with injuries left and right. Really It really took off, and then the injuries followed. ”

The walking wounded, he says, come into the hospital often.

“We’ve definitely seen them every week,” Kassinove says. “Especially in season.”

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