Etna to shed new light on Giro d’Italia picture – Preview

In 1949, when the Giro d’Italia made what was only its second visit to Sicily, the writer Dino Buzzati imagined the disappointment of Mount Etna at being shrouded in clouds and unable to watch the race, which skirted around its base en route to Messina : “The same old rotten luck. The Giro hasn’t come to Sicily for 19 years. It finally comes this year [and] I’ve been trying to shake off these rotten clouds for two days. ”

These days, the volcano must be sick of the sight of the Giro d’Italia. RCS Sport has recently found a most willing partner in the Sicilian tourist board, and the rosa rosa has just arrived on the island for the fourth time in six years. And, as was the case on the three previous occasions, the centerpiece of the Sicilian interlude is a summit finish on Mount Etna.

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