Mahogany Roca’s Weight Loss Journey In Pictures

Mahogany Roca is infamous for editing her photos, but 90 Day Fiancé fans don’t doubt that she has dropped significant weight in the past few months.

New 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Mahogany Roca has transformed her looks and figure after featuring on the show. TLC viewers may know the 22-year-old reality star from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5. She featured on the season with her 52-year-old boyfriend, Ben Rathbun. Initially, many viewers thought that Mahogany wasn’t a real person due to her lack of appearances in early episodes. However, she turned out to be a real deal when she finally met Ben in Peru.

After meeting Mahogany, Ben realized that she had lied to him about her home address, age, and living situation, which prompted him to head home. When the season ended, many 90 Day Fiancé viewers labeled Mahogany a liar on social media. A big reason for this was her deceiving pictures that do not resemble her looks on the show.


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Even Ben has previously admitted that Mahogany has doctored her photos. Still, the Michigan resident has defended his girlfriend’s every lie. Lately, Mahogany has been flaunting her new looks online, and showing off her drastic weight loss.

Mahogany Flaunts Her Waist

mahogany rock trim waist pic final 90 Day Fiance FINAL CROPPED

A few days ago, the filter queen shared a TikTok clip of herself on her Instagram and wrote, “Good Saturday, it is necessary tick tock.“Mahogany showed off her new chiseled jawline in the video, while pointing the camera at her thin belly and waist. Most 90 Day Fiancé fans quickly noticed the difference and asked Mahogany how much weight she had lost. While the reality star didn’t reveal an exact number, it is clear that her sleeker body isn’t the result of a filter. She now looks very different compared to her appearance on the show, and may aim to get modeling gigs, similar to other cast members.

Mahogany Has New Slim Face

mahogany rock pink purple outfit FINAL 90 Day Fiance CROPPED

Another one of Mahogany’s posts from April 2022 showed a significant difference in her figure. In the picture, she wore a revealing fitness outfit, a purple sports bra, and pink yoga pants. Mahogany looked adorable in her workout clothes as she flaunted her new waist and wrote, “Good day. Taking care of you and the sport you love is amazing.90 Day Fiancé fans noticed how different Mahogany looked in the new picture and complimented her. One noticeable difference in Mahogany’s new photos seems to be her face, which fans think looks slimmer compared to before.

Fans Notice Mahogany’s Weight Loss

mahogany roca 2 black outfit 90 Day Fiance CROPPED

In Mahogany’s latest post, she wore a skimpy black outfit. She flaunted her sexy dress in the picture while showing her transformed body. The former reality star captioned her photo, “Mother’s day is coming up and I want to share it with you. Guess what gift it’s.“After seeing Mahogany’s revealing picture, many fans praised her beauty. An Instagram user commented,”Wow you didn’t look that beautiful on the show“Another user chimed in,”She looks as beautiful on the show just as skinny.90 Day Fiancé fans wish Mahogany the best of luck in her fitness journey.

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