Should I wear compression socks for hiking?

Originally designed for medical purposes, compression socks have become incredibly popular for walking and offer a whole range of benefits from muscle support to quicker recovery. While today’s best hiking socks are mostly just designed to help prevent blisters, a good pair of compression socks, fitted correctly, can help your legs feel energized on longer walks, postpone fatigue and even ward off the dreaded DOMS. Compression socks for running have similar benefits.

For hiking, you can opt for full compression socks, or if you are just looking for support and pressure on the lower leg, compression sleeves, which don’t have the foot part. There are pros and cons to both options, and if you go for sleeves you’ll probably need to also wear some walking socks, but there are plenty of compression socks designed for walking and hiking available that will keep you completely covered – such as those from CEP Sports (we’re currently testing out a few pairs of these).

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