Canon EOS R7 is the first camera that’s made me seriously consider mirrorless

I haven’t got my hands on the newly announced Canon EOS R7 yet, but I’m already convinced I need it in my life.

I’ve been a Canon girl pretty much from the start of my photography journey, going from the Canon EOS 600D to learn some basic skills, then the EOS 7D Mark II, followed by the EOS 6D Mark II, which is my current go- to snapper.

The temptation to upgrade to the RF mount has been nipping at my heels ever since the first EOS R launched in 2018, but there just wasn’t enough innovation incentive to make the jump back then.

The original Canon EOS R (above) arrived back in 2018. (Image credit: Canon)

And then came the Canon EOS R5 and the R6: the former was too expensive (and a touch overkill) for me, while the latter didn’t have enough sensor resolution to tempt me away from my EOS 6D Mark II. A 32MP mirrorless full-framer with the speed and autofocus performance of the newer R-series models is what I was holding out for.

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