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Founders of South Australian accessories brand Willow Bay Australia, Hayley Norman and Tammy Bishop have done it again, announcing a brand new business, Re-Active Sport.

Willow Bay Australia is the official handbag partner for Miss Universe Australia and was also the official partner for the 2021 Miss Universe Japan. The team behind Willow Bay is now breaking into the gym space.

“Re-Active Sport was born by us reacting to a problem and finding a solution. This is where innovation is born, ”said Co-Founder Tammy Bishop.

“Having easy access to your drink bottle at the gym and a place to store your essentials was a recurring issue for gym goers and hence the Re-Active Sport Magnetic Gym Caddy was born.”

After a year of finalizing the products and testing a range of materials and designs, sneak peeks of the Re-Active Sport brand is finally starting to trickle through.

“The point of difference with this bottle is that it magnetizes to the gym machines. So when someone is working out they can attach it to the machine for easy access to their bottle. It has a zip pocket for cards and money and then a keyring holder to hold your keys, ”said Tammy.

“We don’t have a phone-holder in this caddy, but we’ve come up with a phone armband that can go around the caddy or your arm. So people to record videos of themselves if they’re so inclined!

“This was designed after speaking to personal trainers and them mentioning how InstaFit posts are very important to their clients. Most phone holders either fit in a pouch or have that horrible plastic cover you can’t shoot through. ”

The caddy (which will be able to fit a variety of bottle sizes) will be the hero item of the new brand and is due to launch very soon. This will come in a few different colors, which are: Arctic Blue, Electric Blue, Black Denim, Jet Black, Burgundy, Thistle, Gray Marle, Academy Blue, and Petrol.

“We’re hoping to make these available in the next 2 weeks, but definitely before the end of April,” said Tammy.

Alongside the caddy and armband, a good ol ‘bumbag is also on the cards for the new brand. The bag and the phone holder will only come in black for now.


Magnetic Gym Caddy $ 49.95

Arm Band $ 39.95

Waist Band $ 29.95

Check out Re-Active Sport on Instagram.

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