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Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood or are an avid power-walker, walking is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health, de-stress, and burn some calories along the way. While walking is often praised for being a workout people can do without having to shell out big bucks for a gym membership or at-home equipment, having the right accessories on hand can majorly level up your walking game.

While some of the best walking accessories are similar to what you might find in your average runner’s arsenal — a good pair of shoes and a comfortable set of workout clothes, for instance — there are many others that you won’t find in a running roundup that can seriously improve your walking workouts. From ankle weights that will subtly impact the intensity of your walk to proper sun protection, we’ve gathered up some of the best accessories to help you get the most out of your daily walk.

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For Leveling Up Your Walk

Adjustable Wearable Wrist & Ankle Weights

These bangles are great for making every walk a little bit more challenging. They come in weights of 1 or 2 pounds, and unlike most bulky weighted accessories, they’re so cute that you will want to be seen in them. They close using Velcro, making them super adjustable, and can fit snugly on your wrists as well as your ankles.

Since they’re so lightweight, you won’t feel too much of a difference when you’re wearing them, but they will help increase the intensity of your nonetheless walk.


For Holding Your Essentials

Large Pink Fanny Pack

Believe it or not, fanny packs are back in — and we’re stoked because they’re one of the best walking accessories out there. This one has an elastic band and clips onto your waist, which makes it easy to get on and off, and keeps it from slipping down while walking. Plus, it has room for your phone, keys, and anything else you might need to carry on your walk.


For Warmth and Visibility

Beanie Hat With Light

If you walk after dark, this hat can help keep you not only warm, but safe. It has a built-in light that helps illuminate your path and will keep you visible when walking on roads.

Since the light is incorporated into the beanie’s design, it’s much more comfortable than wearing a headlamp, and it’s rechargeable via a standard USB port, so you can easily ensure it’s powered up before you head out for your walk.


For Tunes on the Go

Elite 4 Active in-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds

These headphones are made specifically for sports, meaning they hold up against sweat and won’t slip out of your ears while walking.

They have a noise-canceling feature as well as Hear Through technology, a mode that allows you to hear the environment around you — great for walks in busy areas or on roads.

They’re also great for those who don’t always remember to charge their headphones: Each headphone offers 7 hours of playback and stays powered for up to 28 hours in the included charging case.


For Dog Lovers

Hands Free Dog Leash with Zipper Pouch

If you have a furry walking buddy, this hands-free leash might just be the perfect accessory for your walks together. It clips onto your waist and allows you to walk without worrying about holding onto the leash.

It has a pouch big enough for carrying baggies, a phone, and keys, and the leash is bungeed in the middle, allowing your pup to pull a bit without tugging you along.


For Cute Sun Protection

Leisure Sunglasses

These sunglasses are designed for activity, but look cute enough to wear to brunch. They are polarized, scratch-resistant, and come in six different color options, including tan, purple, black, hot pink, peach, teal, and tortoiseshell, pictured here. They also have rubber nose pads, which prevent slippage and reduce bouncing on your walks.


For Tracking Your Walks

Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker

If you are a daily walker without an intense training regimen, you may not need the fanciest GPS watch on the market. Instead, a more basic fitness tracker like this Fitbit Inspire might better fit your needs.

It tracks your steps, sleep, and heart rate, and can last up to 10 days on a single charge. It’s also both sweatproof and waterproof, meaning you can even shower and swim with it on.


For Hands-Free Tech

Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

If you don’t like the feeling of carrying a bag on your waist when you’re walking, an armband like this one may better suit your needs. This particular model is compatible with multiple Apple and Android devices and will stay secure on your arm, thanks to super-strong Velcro.

It’s also water-resistant, so it will keep your phone dry in the rain, and has a touchscreen-friendly front that enables you to control your phone without taking it out.


For Blister-Free Feet

Hidden Comfort No-Show Socks

The longer you walk, the more likely you are to get blisters. Fortunately, these socks are blister-resistant, super comfortable, and will last for years.

They are breathable and plush, but won’t move around when you walk, thanks to the heel tab that keeps them from dipping below the heel of the shoe.

They also come in colors to match every outfit, from the basic white version pictured here to fluorescent yellow to lavender with a magenta toe.


For Superior Skin Protection

Glowscreen SPF 40

Even if you’re just heading out for a 20 minute walk, it’s important to protect your skin against damaging UV rays with the right sunscreen. This one leaves you with a healthy, dewy glow, but it doesn’t feel greasy or chalky.

It packs SPF 40, as well as hyaluronic acid, vitamin B-5, and niacinamide, which helps keep your skin clear.

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