Almont girls golf’s unique approach is key to its success

ROMEO — One of the Blue Water Area’s high school sports dynasties consists of just 10 players.

But you’d be hard-pressed to find a group that’s more compatible — and more consistent — than the Almont girls golf team.

“Success keeps breeding success,” Almont coach Mark Bone said. “My thought process is different than a lot of coaches. I don’t cut anybody. You just have to be an asset to the team — show up with a smile, be a good teammate, motivate others and you’re an asset. Basically, the program is just let the (players) be happy, let the success sell the sport and then just keep working.”

The Raiders have worked their way to the MHSAA state finals for the second straight year and the seventh time in the past eight seasons. That’s on top of the team’s eighth consecutive BWAC championship.

Almont's Jesse Kautz hits from the rough during a practice round at Heather Hills Golf Club in Romeo on Thursday.

“It’s just a lot of practice,” sophomore Olivia Kotelnicki said. “We’re (at the course) every day and we’re dedicated to our sport. It’s not only rewarding to see growth in actual tournaments and matches, but when you’re out here with your friends, it’s rewarding to have competitions and push yourself. It really helps get the juices flowing.”

“We’ve had a lot of newcomers who are just giving (golf) a shot,” said junior Jesse Kautz, who was named BWAC MVP on Sept. 29. “Because they want to try something new. They know they can come out here and no matter what — good or bad — they’re going to have a good time.”