Walking, more than a sport, a feminist activity for these 3 women

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Is walking the new feminist sport?

RANDO – A few months ago, a trend emerged on TikTok: the “Hot Girl Walk”. A concept which is not revolutionary, let it be said, but which advocates a routine as simple as healthy – physically and mentally.

The principle is simple: rather than rushing headlong into your day by choosing ease and the least effort in terms of transport (which is quite understandable by the way), its followers encourage you to allow yourself long minutes of walking screwed headphones on the ears, listening to a playlist that makes you want to conquer the world. All that, thinking of “what you are grateful for, how sexy you are, your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them”, described the instigator of the trend, Mïa Lind, on the social network. It makes you want.

Beyond observing a phenomenon that has gone viral online, it is a more general observation that can be made around the discipline. For a few years – the end of confinement, precisely, has brought The world – more and more walkers and hikers are discovering a passion for this sport, which is as accessible as it is revitalizing. But not only: for many, it is also a political, ecological and probably feminist gesture, to trace the path without any other vehicle than his feet. Testimonials.

Walking, source of liberation

Tiffany started to » walk a lot « at the end of the first confinement. Originally from Annecy, in Haute-Savoie, this 34-year-old young woman returned « take refuge » at his parents’ house on the weekend of March 15, when the government’s first social distancing measures were announced. « I did not plan to spend even three weeks locked up in my 30 m2 Parisian », she tells us over the phone. She never left.

If you had to describe what she feels when she walks on the paths of the mountains that surround her, what would she say? “It’s a real feeling of liberation. At the same time I stretch my body, at the same time I create a void. And I also have the impression, hike after hike, of gaining self-confidence just by pushing my abilities. I started with short and easy sessions, and now I can walk for hours”.

A feeling of emancipation through exercise that is not isolated, observes the writer Annabel Abbs in the columns of the World. “History is full of invisible women for whom a walk in the countryside was a daily necessity. But in the unpublished and out-of-print travel guides, letters and paintings that have survived, I have also discovered women who have gone on the walk in search of inspiration, consolation and liberation”she confirmed.

An activity that is practiced more and more in groups of amateurs. This is the case of Lila, 36, who set up a “I met other women who, like me, wanted to let off steam but weren’t sure which sport to choose. So we decided to get together to walk. » This Norman tells us that they travel the seaside, the forests, the country lanes once a month, and develop the itinerary on a WhatsApp group so that everyone can participate in the project. Sorority, no doubt.

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