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All Club Sport members, coaches and advisors are permitted to travel in association with the business of their club. As representatives and ambassadors for the University, all individuals associated with the club are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times. Drivers and passengers are expected to follow University policy and federal, state and local laws. Club Sports travel requirements are designed to promote the safety of all club members while traveling to and from Club Sports events and tournaments.

Travel paperwork

All club sport travel requires that a UNR travel request form, travel waiver, roster, and Itinerary form must be submitted to the Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Clubs and Organizations no later than 15 days prior to the date of departure. Each traveling member must submit a Club Sports Liability Waiver form and drivers must submit a driver’s waiver form to the Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Clubs and Orgs prior to travel. All forms are located on the Center for Student Engagement website under club sports.

All clubs upon return from travel must submit travel forms within 10 days.

Mileage regulations

A majority of the club’s competitions/games must be within 400 miles of the Greater Reno area. Club Sport teams will only be allowed to compete outside a 400-mile radius with the approval of the Associate Vice-President of Student Life.

50-400 miles

  • Fill out and turn in the University Travel Request
  • Fill out and turn in the Travel Information Report
  • Fill out and turn in Personal Vehicle Travel checklist (if PVT option chosen)
  • Fill out and turn in Team Travel Roster
  • Photocopy of ALL driver’s valid driver’s license and automobile insurance card (if PVT option chosen)
  • Turn in Google Maps route if driving or plane tickets/quote if flying
  • Turn in the agenda of trip
1-250 mileage stipulation

For travel within 250 miles from the Greater Reno area clubs may travel via personal vehicle. Personal Transportation is defined as non-commercial or rental vehicles.

251-400 mileage stipulation

For travel between 251-400 miles personal vehicle use is permitted as long as all traveling members stay overnight and return the following day OR for travel within this mileage, clubs can hire third-party transportation for out-and-back service.

401+ miles

  • Fill out and turn in the Extended Travel Proposal
  • Fill out and turn in the University Travel Request
  • Fill out and turn in the Travel Information Report
  • Fill out and turn in Team Travel Roster
  • Turn in Google Maps route if driving or plane tickets/quote if flying
  • Turn in the agenda of trip
401+ mileage stipulation

For travel 401 miles or more clubs must use commercial transportation or a third party is required.

Outside of 500 miles


Competitive Clubs may travel outside of 500 miles at the discretion of the Dean of Students

500+ mileage stipulation

For travel 500 miles or more clubs must use commercial transportation, or a third party is required. All out-of-region travel must be approved by the University before any commitments or travel arrangements can be made by or for the Club. The Assistant Director of Student Engagement will consider the following before approving any out-of-region travel requests:

Quality of the event – ​​potential for valued experience

  • Location of the event
  • Options for safe travel to the event
  • Cost to the Club
  • Number of club members who will participate in the event
  • Number of opportunities for participation at the event (example: number of competitions)
  • Trip duration (round-trip from the University) and time away from the University
  • Impact on academic mission of the University

Clubs are required to travel as a Club. In the event that a member of the Club is unable to travel with the Club, the Assistant Director, Student Engagement may authorize that member to use his/her personal vehicle to travel separately from the club.

All travel must be approved in advance. If the travel request is denied, the club members may NOT travel on their own. The event/tournament host will be notified that the University club is not approved to participate. If clubs choose to travel without permission, their ASUN recognition status will be jeopardized.

Notes: Alcohol and or illegal drug use is NEVER permitted while participating in Club Sport activities. Club Sport activities include, but are not limited to, club practices, games, travel to and from games/practices, training sessions, recruitment events, and social functions. Abuse of this policy will lead to disciplinary action up to and including suspension of the club and/or members, after appropriate due process by Fitness and Recreational Sports, ASUN/Student Activities, and/or the University Office of Student Code of Conduct.

Driver responsibilities

Drivers are responsible for the safety of all passengers and are expected to use extreme care when transporting club members to an event/tournament. Drivers must be capable of operating a vehicle (rested, alert, etc.) and comfortable operating the type and size vehicle being used. Additionally, the driver is expected to:

  • Inspect the tires and adjust the seat and mirrors before starting the vehicle.
  • Ensure that the vehicle is not driven if there is a mechanical problem.
  • Make sure that you are comfortable with the size of the vehicle.
  • Ensure that all passengers are in their seat belts prior to departure.
  • Focus on driving. Do not change the radio station, adjust the temperature, talk on cell phones, etc. The front seat passenger is
  • responsible for those items.
  • Obey all traffic, parking, and safety laws, including the speed limit. Drivers assume responsibility for all traffic and parking tickets.
  • Keep a safe following distance.
  • Drive defensively – be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Use caution when traveling or stopping on unpaved surfaces to avoid getting stuck.
  • Reduce speed in rain, fog, snow or ice. Change drivers often. Pull over if conditions are too hazardous for safe driving.
  • Report all traffic violations to the Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Clubs and Organizations within 24 hours of your return to campus.
  • Cell phone use laws will be abided by, including NO TEXTING while operating the vehicle.

Personal vehicles

It is the responsibility of the club officers and advisors to make sure that the owner of any vehicle used for club purposes has adequate automobile insurance coverage. The University assumes no responsibility for the use of private vehicles. Only approved travelers may ride in the vehicle.

Notes: The owner of the vehicle assumes liability for everything that happens to and in that vehicle.