Surfing In India For The First Time? Here Are The Beaches You Can Go To!


Pondicherry has a long surfing season, from June to January, with waves reaching heights of up to 12 feet.

For those who feel an inexplicable pull towards the sport of surfing, or who have been inspired to take up the sport after seeing a friend, neighbor, or Hollywood star ride giant waves, we have some excellent news. This piece is dedicated entirely to hitting the waves with us and knowing the ins and outs. Even though India is a veritable paradise for thrill seekers, with a wide variety of water sports to choose from, surfing didn’t become widely popular until very recently. Many locations in India are rapidly becoming popular among surfers.

With India’s extensive coastline, we have lots of opportunities to surf, yet large waves aren’t always reliable, are they? This means that you must choose the ideal setting in which to carry out your plan. Here, however, is a rundown of the most fabulous five locations in India to catch some waves and have a blast surfing.

Kovalam Beach

About an hour’s drive south of Chennai lies the fishing town of Covelong, commonly known as Kovalam Beach. It’s home to some of India’s top surfers, the most consistent waves, and a thriving social surfing scene. There are reef and beach breakers, with right-handers that are as consistent as any on the mainland.

Each year in August, Covelong Point has a festival that includes surfing, music, and yoga. Individuals may take advantage of free surfing lessons as part of this offer.

Mahabalipuram Beach

We know that Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, with its many holy sites and temples, does not need any introduction. The surfing culture of Mahabalipuram, however, requires an introduction. One of India’s finest surf spots is right here. Take the roads into town after touching down in Chennai and make your way to the holy Shore Temple. Right-hand point breaks may be seen close to the temple.

Being at the right place at the right moment is crucial. We imply that the waves aren’t very good in November and October.


Pondicherry has a long surfing season, from June to January, with waves reaching heights of up to 12 feet. The two long arches that were constructed to defend Serenity Beach from the disastrous 2004 tsunami are responsible for creating the surf breaks where most of the action occurs.

Varkala Beach

Any serious surfer should make the trip to Varkala at least once. Don’t worry; even first-timers will enjoy themselves. There are other surf spots in the area, not only the well-known beach break.

To sum up, if you have experience, you are ready to go. Otherwise, you’ll have to go back to school. Soul and surf are mentioned at this point. There are plenty of other fantastic spots in India to pick up the surfboard and ride the waves. Lessons are available seven days a week.


Goa is a popular vacation destination, although not for its waves but rather for its lively nightlife. This little state’s coastline does, however, provide a few locations with manageable waves, perfect for novice surfers. The most reliable section of road is from Ashwem to Arambol in the extreme north. However, you shouldn’t count on epic waves every time you go surfing. You’ll have to do with waves of a couple of feet every week or so and plenty of drinking in between. Between the months of October and April, the season is in full swing.