What assets did FAU send for EA Sports’ College Football Video Game?

It’s been a while since EA Sports released a college football video game.

The NCAA Football 14 video game, which featured Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson on its cover, was the final edition and released on July 9, 2013. For anyone keeping track at home, that’s 3,375 days since an officially licensed college football video game was released.

That wait, however, is nearing an end.

According to Matt Brown of the Extra Points Newsletter, EA Sports is targeting a July 2023 release date for the video game — leaving plenty of time for fans of the video game to plan their next Road to Glory character (may I offer a 7- foot wide receiver? It’s pretty fun.)

With the release date coming close, EA Sports asked universities to send them various assets, including photos and audio, to make the game as realistic as possible.

If you are interested in seeing what other teams sent to EA Sports, Brown has kept track of various universities. As for what Florida Atlantic is sending to EA Sports, Owls247 acquired their asset list through a Freedom of Information Act request.


According to the documents, FAU sent an estimated 769 photos of FAU Stadium to EA Sports to get an accurate scan of the stadium. If you’re wondering, that’s about every angle of the stadium you can think of.

While the playing field is involved in the photos, pictures from just about any section in the stadium and the various assets around the stadium, including close-up images of the seats and the Delray Hyundai Deck, are also included.

The photos and approved assets don’t just end there, though. FAU also gave EA Sports approval to include the Howard Schnellenberger statue that sits at the stadium. With that, FAU sent various photos of the statue and the surrounding area.

FAU also included a picture of the smoke that leads FAU’s team to the field and the “Defend Paradise” cheer that the student section showcases when the Owls score a touchdown. The inclusion of both of these indicates that they should play some.


Along with the photos included, EA Sports sends teams a spreadsheet where they include audio assets, including songs, for the crucial moments of the game, including pre-game entrance and third downs.

As expected, FAU approved EA Sports to use the FAU fight song. It shouldn’t surprise those who watch FAU games, but the fight song is mentioned for critical moments, including the team runout and successful field goals.

FAU provided various videos that make up critical moments, along with the audio assets. Among those videos is the light show used at multiple points and the Owls Walk, where FAU’s players touch the Schnellenberger statue during pre-game.

Here is the band audio that FAU included:

(Photo: 247Sports)

Here are the crowd chants that FAU sent:

(Photo: 247Sports)

Here are the extra notes that FAU included:

(Photo: 247Sports)
(Photo: 247Sports)

Notes: FAU included links to most of these audio files and the videos.