Bodyworks hosts yoga workshop for Spanish speakers | News

Bodyworks Studio + Empower Wellness Café will offer an opportunity for Logansport’s Hispanic population to experience the benefits of yoga this weekend at noon on Saturday.

The Spanish New to Yoga Workshop (Nuevo Taller de Yoga en Español) will return for the first time in several years with a focus on basic yoga positions for beginners and will be taught at the Bodyworks Studio, 213 S. 3rd St. by yoga teacher Dora Allen.

Bodyworks owner Natasha Walters said she was inspired to bring the workshop back after receiving the Logansport School Corporation annual report and learning that the student population was 46% Hispanic.

“It is hard to bring in the Latino community because they are very hard workers,” Allen said. “That is the reason we do this on Saturday because it will be better for their schedules.”

Walters and Allen said yoga could be beneficial to many Hispanic workers who have labor intensive jobs.

“Yoga teaches balance in the body,” said Walters. “A lot of time what happens is when we are doing those repetitive movements then the larger muscles take over and then that pulls the body out of balance and that’s where you get back pain, should or neck pain. Yoga helps wake up the smaller muscles to create more of a balance. The goal is to have longevity rather than wear and tear in the body.”

“In yoga you are quiet and pay attention to your breathing,” Allen said. “That’s more important than anything. You find peace doing your yoga practices.”

Allen arrived in Logansport in 2003 from Caracas, Venezuela. She said she led a very busy life in the big city and she embraced the quiet pace of Logansport, calling it a blessing. Yoga played a large role in her welcome to the community and she hopes others can have the same experience she did.

Allen also teaches chair yoga classes on Monday nights. Chair Yoga adds a chair into the mix which allows those practicing the positions to have more help supporting themselves and maintaining balance. The yoga practice is great for those recovering from an injury or surgery, senior citizens and those who may not feel confident in the regular classes.

“(Chair yoga) is not just for people with disabilities,” Allen said. “There’s a lot of stretching.”

It’s just one of the many options offered at the yoga studio. And everyone is welcome to attend most classes. There are sessions dedicated to meditation, curvy yoga for people who may feel more comfortable being in a class with similar body types and even yoga and nutrition.

Nutrition has become a larger focus since the studio opened up the Empower Wellness Café in March. Walters said the café has brought in people who have never taken a yoga class to try some of the healthy foods.

“The goal of the café is to get people cooking and for us to be utilizing our local food producers as much as possible,” she said. “And then taking that home and getting people in their kitchen as well.”

Yoga is also not just for women, they said. Allen’s husband uses yoga to ease back pain. She recommends those who practice yoga to listen to their body.

“I always say ‘honor your limitations,'” Allen said. “No matter where the pain is today, honor that. It’s very important. If you are nervous or stressed you can always take a minute and breathe. It’s magical.”

To sign up for the Spanish New to Yoga Workshop or other classes visit