Rocky’s Drummond Golf store’s unveiling

John Victorsen senior, Drummond Golf Ambassador Brett Ogle and John Victorsen junior at the opening of the new Drummond Golf store.

By Liam Emerton

It was a family affair at the grand opening of the new Drummond Golf location in Rockhampton on the weekend.

The business, which was taken over by the Victorsen family a few months ago, has now officially been relocated with genuine golfing knowledge flooding the new store.

The Victorsen’s have had experience in the game of golf for over seven decades with John Victorsen senior having almost half a century of being a golf professional under his belt.

And that all started with John Senior’s father Arnold Victorsen who was the pro in Townsville for 32 years and is a life member of the Australian PGA, and it’s continued with his sons including John Junior who is part of the new Drummond Golf set up.

Despite all of that history in the game, John Senior said that this has been the most thrilling venture he has had and he’s glad that the friendships built along his journey have stuck with him.

“I’ve been a pro not quite 50 years, I’ve been a club pro almost all my life but this is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in golf,” he said.

“It’s wonderful because it’s a lovely game. We have people who have come up here from the Sunny Coast.

“The relationships that we develop have been absolutely phenomenal.

“We have people that I’ve met over the past forty years that come in and say G’day.

“The family aspect is fabulous but it’s just a great industry to be in.”

John Senior said that the family and the team came together at Drummond Golf to help people in Central Queensland become more complete golfers and pass on their expert advice.

“This is what we signed up for. Helping people with their golf,” he said.

“The job of a club pro is very different from when I first started.

“This is just 100 percent, people come in, we help them with their golf, and it’s a wonderful thing.

“There are no distractions here, it’s just 100 per cent golf retail.

“It’s a wonderful town and we’re going to be here for a long while and we look forward to blending into the community and helping golfers.”

The team was also joined by the brand ambassador for Drummond Golf Australia Brett Ogle who helped to promote the store on Friday and Saturday.

“It’s even better to see John Senior and John Junior Victorsen who have been legends of not just Queensland but Australian golf join us in the Drummond wagon,” said Ogle.

“It’s a beautiful store here in Rocky.

“Back when I started playing in the 70s and 80s you got pushed away from being left-handed because the product was very hard to get.

“But now with Drummond Golf you get anything you want, left-handed, right-handed, middle-handed, up-handed, down-handed, haha, of course, I’m just kidding, but it’s great so you don’ t need to change kids to right-handed.”

Ogle said that the store has an important residence here in Rockhampton, having been placed in the middle of a Central Queensland golfing hub.

“The next store south Mooroochydor, the next store north is Townsville so there’s a huge hole for all of these golf clubs around here.

“With golf clubs like Emu Park, Rocky, Yeppoon, Gracemere, and all around CQ, it’s great to have a Drummond Golf store around this area because it’s a massive hole to fill.

“It’s the perfect place for a store.”

The new store is located in the Yaamba Road Central precinct at 379-385 Yaamba Rd, Park Avenue.