Coaches, athletic specialist let go

The Northwest High School head football coach and one of the team’s assistant coaches have been let go by Montgomery County Public Schools following the fight that broke out during a game against Gaithersburg High School last month.

In addition to both positions being vacant next year, the principals from both schools announced in a letter released Wednesday that Gaithersburg’s athletic specialist will not return.

The sanctions were announced after an investigation conducted by Montgomery County Public Schools central office staff. MCPS said it gathered witness statements and reviewed all available video footage before determining the consequences.

Northwest High School football coach breaks silence after brawl in Gaithersburg

The three affected individuals and current school athletics staff have already been informed of the decisions, the school district said.

The Gaithersburg – Northwest varsity football game on Sept. 16 was declared a double forfeit after a brawl occurred on the field during the game. Players and coaches from both teams appeared to be involved in the brawl.

Both teams were forced to forfeit their next games.

FOX 5 later discovered that in Maryland Case Search, the state’s online court database, Gaithersburg’s Athletic Specialist William Gant filed an assault charge against Northwest’s head football coach Travis Hawkins.

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In Maryland Case Search, the date of the offense is listed as Sept. 16, the same day a fight broke out at the football game.

FOX 5 also confirmed Gant filed for an assault charge against Northwest’s volunteer assistant football coach Justin Watson.

The school district felt after its investigation that those involved “demonstrated actions that are in direct conflict” with the RAISE core values ​​of MCPS Athletics.

“A school and, by extension, its athletics have an identity that is deeply and emotionally personal for their respective communities,” the letter reads. “These decisions will understandably be viewed differently but we must come together at this time to heal and prevent further division. This is a time to celebrate and speak positively about the rules that maintain fairness and our RAISE core values ​​that are steeped in sportsmanship and collaborative yet competitive play.”

MCPS said it will provide restorative discussions for each team’s players and coaches, plus access to counselors or psychologists.

Gaithersburg police have also charged four juveniles and one 19-year-old after fights that occurred off the field and as crowds were dispersing the game.

Watson and Hawkins are slated to appear in court for a preliminary hearing in early November.