GOLF: Tigers cruise past Wildcats | Sports

HOLTVILLE – The Imperial Tigers (6-5) girls golf team hosted the Brawley Wildcats (3-8) on Tuesday afternoon for one of their last matches of the season, the Tigers overcoming the Wildcats 298-338 after the final hole was played.

With the Tigers’ roster of primary seniors, the upperclassmen have stepped up as leaders and kept their composure during tough matches.

Tigers golfer Luca Valencia led Imperial with a score of 57. As one of the seniors on the team, Valencia said she is focused on enjoying her last moments as a Tiger. Currently, Valencia is among the 12 who will move on to the IVL Championship, yet she is more concerned with having fun with her teammates and other players.

“It can be stressful but this being one of my last matches, it is all about enjoying it and having fun,” Valencia said. “At this point it is what it is. All I can do is live in the moment and continue competing,” she said.

Behind Valencia is sophomore Alexa Hernandez, who finished with a score of 52 for Imperial.

As the Tigers golf team bids farewell to their seniors, Hernandez will enter the role of an upperclassman next season.

The Tigers’ light-hearted spirit and persistence to keep pushing forward, even during difficult shots, will set the tone for future success.

“The season is going well, and even on bad days, I still enjoy playing golf and love playing with the team,” Hernandez said. “Playing with my teammates, especially the seniors, has been amazing. It can get tough, but it has been great having them encourage and lift you.”

As the Tigers move onto the postseason, both Hernandez and Valencia have a strong chance of maintaining their position and sliding into the IVL championship.

The Tigers’ duo have been playing together for two years, and have learned how to compete and support each other in the process. In a game that requires focus, skill, and patience, the Tigers have a positive attitude and bring a sense of excitement to the game.

For the Brawley Wildcats team, Jocelyn Macias finishing the season strong is her goal.

As a newcomer, Macias is still acclimating to the green, as the match-up against Imperial marks her third league match of the season.

“My first year playing has been filled with lots of fun memories but also a lot of learning,” Macias said. “I have improved a lot and it has been a positive experience that has motivated me to continue playing,” she said.

Wildcat golfer Natalie Kenagy is wrapping up her third season on the green. Like most local golfers, Kenagy has hopes of landing in one of the twelve spots that move onto IVL play.

With the final matches on the horizon, Kenagy recognizes there are plenty of accomplishments to be proud of, she said.

“This season has been going well” Kenagy said. “I have seen my chipping, distance, and putting improve, and it has shown in my game.”

“As a team, we are all working hard, and making it to IVLS will continue to be a goal,” Kenagy said.

Kenagy and the Wildcats golf team are looking forward to a bright future.

Going into the postseason, the Wildcats’ Caitlynn Pedersen is expected to snag one of the twelve spots at the IVL Championship. However, Brawley’s female golf team is growing and garnering support from more players every season.

Both teams will return to the green on Thursday for their final league matches of the season.

The Imperial Tigers will host the Holtville Vikings while the Brawley Wildcats go up against the Central Spartans.