Walking Dead boss reveals surprise WWE scene almost turned out very differently

The Walking Dead season 11’s 18th episode ‘A New Deal’ gave fans a taste of post-apocalyptic wrestling.

As the Commonwealth honored Founders Day, some people were seen putting on a show by getting down and dirty with some WWE moves, but what was the thinking behind the scene?

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spyshowrunner Angela Kang discussed how this particular moment almost turned out very differently.


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“In the comics, they actually do full-on stadium football games in the Commonwealth,” she pointed out.

“So when we first started working on this season, all the way back to January of 2020, we were like, ‘Well, of course we’re going to do a football game.’ But because the pandemic hit, that changed a lot of the rules of what we can safely do with crowds. Football is so high contact and all of that. And that just felt like it was an unmanageable version of a sport.

“So my writer of the episode, Corey Reed, was like, ‘What if we do…’ – I think it was him. ‘What if we do wrestling?’ Because there’s still all this theater that goes along with it, and you can do this very patriotic person. You know, there’s stories to wrestling, right?”

the walking dead, season 11, episode 18


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Kang added that the scene represented “sort of this microcosm” of the Commonwealth’s values, with the clash featuring “the patriotic Commonwealth warrior versus the bad enemy on the outside”.

“And it was really fun to put that together. They got people who had wrestling experience. We got somebody with a great voice to do the announcer,” she explained.

“But it was just a way to pay homage to the comic without being able to literally do what was the original plan, which was to do a full stadium football game.”

The Walking Dead season 11 airs on AMC in the US and STAR on Disney+ in the UK.