Who wore it best at the Tour de France presentation?

Tadej Pogačar (foreground); big map of the 2023 Tour de France route (background).

For the duration of the cycling season, we see the sport’s protagonists in formulaic garb. On the bike: all lycra, all the time – maybe a podium head thrown on in moments immediately before and after races. Off the bike: team tracksuits, sponsor-correct runners (/Safety Joggers), sensible athletic-wear with logos all over it.

Fashion is, for many people, a way of showing a bit of personal flair and identity – and we never get that insight into the personalities of the vast majority of pro cyclists. Except for one hallowed day of the year where all the stars align. The athletes are there, wearing what they want to wear. The photographers are there, too, ready to capture the riders in their finest smart casual-wear. The riders walk across a stage, wave at people in an auditorium, go and sit in assigned seating, and pop on little translator headphones like they’re United Nations delegates.

We are talking, of course, about the Tour de France route presentation.

So who was the snazziest bicyclist in Paris last night? Who had the crispest white sneakers? What was in Maxime Bouet’s backpack?

Let’s take a look. (Oh, and for the record, this is only covering the men’s fashion as – being a man – that is the only fashion I feel qualified to comment upon.)