An enchanting yoga retreat event in Chelsea | News, Sports, Jobs

The yoga session in Chelsea last Thursday was led by Hilary Powell from River Blvd Yoga of Marshalltown. Powell is a Registered Yoga Teacher practicing Hatha Yoga which focuses on mindfulness, relaxation, alignment, and breathing. Photo by Vanessa Roudabush.

essica Kettler hosted this yoga and art event at her bed and breakfast business, Windy Goat Acres, just north of Chelsea. Photo by Vanessa Roudabush.

A few local businesses also made the trip to the event. Soul Magick by Taylor Bear of Marshalltown (back booth), DoTerra Essential Oils by Delania Halter (middle booth), and Burpurs Beads of Tama (front booth). Photo by Vanessa Roudabush.

Keely Weeks guided guests to create feminine moon paintings using dried flowers, moon cut-outs, and starry canvases. Photo by Vanessa Roudabush.

Heidi Draisey served up elderberry sunset cocktails and mocktails with honey and elderberry syrup crafted by Jessica Kettle of Windy Goat Acres. Photo by Vanessa Roudabush.

Lou, the top cat of Windy Goat Acres, helped yoga participants get zen as they practiced their breathing techniques. Photo by Vanessa Roudabush.

CHELSEA — On Aug. 25, the Positive Mind, Body, and Soul: A Yoga and Art Event took place at Windy Goat Acres in Chelsea. An enchanting environment away from the stress of the outside world gave attendees the space to restore and boost their connections with their minds, bodies, and souls.

Jessica Kettler, the owner of Windy Goat Acres, a bed and breakfast in Chelsea, talked about the importance of events such as this one.

“For me, [this event] is a way of bringing artists together. For the community to have a creative outlet. I love the collaborations we do here with Heidi and other artists,” she said. “That collaboration brings in uplifting energy. Bringing people into all these events just feels so good to me. The combined energy is just magical. “

Kettler made the decision to start hosting events at Windy Goat Acres after the pandemic.

“After COVID, everything changed. There’s a lot of anxiety, depression, and lots of hard things people are going through [right now]. I felt a shift in terms of what people might need, and I felt like helping quiet things down, helping people find their internal creativity again, and helping them work on their health and wellness,” she said.

“We all just needed to be able to go out somewhere again and find that inner peace. I wanted to cultivate more connections, [to] connect with people, with ourselves, our creativity, and our wildness. Just to get out of the chaos that happened.”

Kettler has been working hard, continuously expanding her business to provide unique lodging and otherworldly outdoor spaces with fantastical themes like a twinkling treehouse, a toadstool picnic area, and a fairy garden perfect for tea parties.

“I’m currently just trying to create a space that will rejuvenate and help people escape. A place where anyone and everyone can be creative. Where they feel open to explore and create positive experiences,” she said.

Kettler practices conservation efforts to help maintain the natural environment that helps make Iowa so beautiful. She’s created unique lodging that coexists with the flora and fauna of the area.

“We definitely love our wildlife, and we like to create a space where they feel protected as well. Everything is just wilder, with more native plants and more biodiversity. [We] include more sustainable methods of farming like permaculture,” she said.

“We’re trying to make this land more conducive for wildlife and native plants. I just love the connection between nature, art, and humans. I would like to build strength [within our community] through unique events that are different from what’s here [in Tama County].”

Kettler will be hosting another yoga event at Windy Goat Acres on September 10th. You can find more information on this and future events on the Windy Goat Acres Facebook Page.