Increasing your activity levels

In our fortnightly Get Active column, Fenland District Council physical activity co-ordinator Heidi Lemon discusses increasing activity levels…

There are many ways to increase our activity levels, and different activities will suit different people. It is important to find activity that you enjoy as this stops activity becoming a chore. But we also need activities that fit our different schedules.


Keep fit and stay fit

There are several ways to get active online. You can take part when it suits you and take part in your own home. Make sure you have plenty of hazard-free space around you and have a phone nearby in case of emergencies.

NHS Better Health: this website has a whole host of information and resources to help kickstart a healthier lifestyle. With help on being more active, losing weight, quitting smoking, and drinking less.

NHS Live Well: a website with an array of NHS guidance, information, and resources on healthy lifestyles. The exercise section has numerous ways to get active with the NHS fitness studio.

Here you can find beginner level videos for dance fitness, belly dancing, aerobics, specific body area workouts (abs, arms, legs etc), yoga and various Pilates, workouts including chair-based and for specific medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, knee problems, and back pain.

We Are Undefeatable: this website has a range of support and links if you are looking to be active with a health condition. From information on getting started, stories of others to helping motivate, and resources including videos and links.

Fenland Assets: on the Active Fenland YouTube channel you will find a series of 40 yoga sessions which includes seated options, sessions on various areas of the body, mindfulness and breathing and finally a family friendly yoga for kids’ session.

Also, find sessions such as bootcamp-style workouts and HIIT workouts, all for beginners.


There are several apps that can help us be a little more active every day. These can help to keep us motivated and help us to form healthy habits.

Asset 10: this app tracks how much walking we do. It tracks progress, steps, and sets daily goals. Did you know that even one minute of brisk walking counts towards the 150 minutes of moderate activity a week that is recommended for adults by the chief medical officer? This app tells you how many brisk minutes you complete too.

Couch to 5km: if you are looking for something a little more active but still suitable for beginners then the couch to 5km app helps beginners to build gradually from walking to jogging all the way to a 5km run. There are different celebrity coaches to choose from and it is designed for complete beginners.

Social session

For some, being in a group session can be motivating and rewarding. A chance to socialise, make friends and meet like-minded people.

Whether this is joining a local sports club, session, facility or even an Active Fenland session.

To find out what Active Fenland sessions are on locally then check out our social pages or webpage ( to download the current timetable.

Or if you are looking for something specific get in touch and we would love to hear from you.

As a family

NHS Healthier Families: this webpage is full of activities, games, information, and support around healthy lifestyles for families. Find Disney Shake Up games as well as lots of different recipes to try.

Fenland Assets: on the Active Fenland webpage find some family workout games including heads or tails, pack of cards workout and a this or that activity.

There are also family treasure hunt cards available for your family which combine activity and learning with either spellings or rhymes.

Currently there is also a Family FUNdamentals session on Thursdays 4-5pm at Wisbech Tennis Club, for free, for your family to attend and join in.

Whatever your way to get active, ensure you enjoy it but also that it is suitable for you to take part in.

If you are unsure you could speak to the coach or instructor or watch the video first if it is online. Please follow any safety instructions, ensure you warm up beforehand and cool down afterwards and if you feel any discomfort then please stop immediately.

For more information, please contact Active Fenland by emailing: or call us on 07874893316/07592774656 (office hours only, please leave a message with your name and number).